Fun Movie Quiz - 3

Hi people! Yeah, yeah, we know we promised another quiz in March. We had it done and ready to go and the day we were about to release it… ummm… the monkey ate it. Honestly, we had it on a yellow piece of paper and it thought it was a banana. We fired the PR Goons, because they were supposed to be watching the damn bugger. After that we thought about doing a couple of tests for April, May and June, but we were too crushed by what we know refer to as the “banana-quiz incident”. I’ll tell you one thing, though. Monkey steak is not tasty.

So once again we have some movie stills. They’re 28 this time, because we started to run out of favorites. We even had to throw in some movies we really hate in there to bump up the numbers. Did I hear someone call us lazy bums? You are correct, sir. You know the rest of the drill – older movies, newer movies, American and international ones. If you get them all you get a nomination for the movie nerd of the year award we don’t give out annually. If you get them all off of google or something, you’re a cheater. Yes, you. We know who you are. So that’s it for now. See you when we see you, no promises this time.

Ps: just a quick disclaimer to the millions of people that will think the monkey steak joke was bad taste. Yes. It was.

Take your time, as there is no time limit to the quiz. This is meant to be fun, so if you get frustrated just let it rest for a day and try again. Try solving it by yourself – that’s the way pros do it. Here are some tips:


2. If you’re sure you know the movie , but are uncertain about the spelling go to and check it. If for some reason the script refuses to acknowledge a right answer… well it’s obviously wrong. We’re pretty confident in our spelling. It doesn’t matter if you try in caps or not, it is not case sensitive. (note: We are from Europe. So we’re kind of used to UK titles. So we use them. If some hypothetical movie is called “Puma”, it doesn’t matter if it’s called “The Uber-Sikrit Agent” in the USA, we’ll still call it “Puma”. We’re just like that, stupid and stubborn.)

3. If you’re very, very stuck try finishing the movie quiz with friends . It should be a fun social experience.

4. Don’t use IMDB, other than to check your spelling. It’s cheating and it takes away from the fun.

5. There are some really tricky ones, but most are from a signature scene in the movie . If you can’t recognize the actor , try to remember the scene that the still is from. It should help you.

6. Don’t ask us for the answers, we won’t tell it to you. We’re keeping our secrets to ourselves. Ask your friends. Or that other guy… what was he name, something with G – Guugel or something. Yeah, go ask him.

Good Luck and, more importantly, have fun.

Scoring: 1 – Come on, you can do better; 2-7 – You haven’t seen a lot of movies, besides the high budget ones. There’s more to cinema, you know;
8-19 – Pretty good. You’ve got a good knowledge about movies and have seen a lot. You probably missed most of the tricky ones. No shame in that;
20-27 – You go to the movies a lot, eh? Pretty amazing score, you got some (if not all) of the tricky ones. Amazing job all around. You should be proud;
28 – YOU ARE A MOVIE GOD . And officially eligible for our annual “Wow, we’re impressed” award (No reward, if you didn’t hear the news, we’re all out).
Now send us a mail, so we can praise you some more.
CORRECT ANSWERS: 0 / 28       

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About us:
Reading the small letters, eh? Well, we’re movie fans. And we get bored at work.
We also like Internet tests, and we’ve never seen one quite like this one.
So we decided to make one for fun and giggles.
Who is this “we” you ask? Well that’s state secret. You should know better, than to ask.
Since I’m supposed to add something here… well… Yeah. Err, Hi Mom! What? No. Alright, alright, chill. I’m stopping.

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